For anybody, it’s a secret that casinos move a large amount of money every day, but more than one has surely wondered, how the people who always win managed to keep their victories?

Seeing a large number of websites that currently exist and that continue to appear more and more it is easy to understand that there are significant gains that exceed the outflow of money that any person has in a normal job

Casinos earn money based on customer funds; this business came to represent a net profit of more than 6 million dollars in Vegas alone. Then it is evident that there is a profitable way to carry out this type of business.

The house always wins

This famous saying is known to everyone worldwide. But where does this expression come from?

It is a clear reference to the strategies of the casinos to obtain income even when a bettor gets to hit an important pot. Regardless of the outflows of money that exist due to the winners’ profits, the income that remains as part of the casino’s profits can face and surpass the amounts without any problem.

In this sense we could talk about the edge of the house; this is about the percentage of profit that the casino has with each bet that is made in it no matter how small or big it is regardless of whether the bettor wins or loses.

This is the way in which the casino ensures its profitability to be able to cover all its expenses and to face possible gains of the players without this affecting in any way its economic independence.

Understanding the probabilities

The odds are an important part of the life of the casinos that have learned to use them to their advantage to get profits at all times.

Throwing a coin in the air assures you a 50% chance of falling face and 50% of it falling through the stamp, being a bet on equal terms you can bet on one or the other option with the same odds of winning that off to lose.

The advantage of the house is that it always has an implicit percentage of profit regardless of what happens, the casinos have turned the matter around when they understand that cannot handle chance and the odds in favor of games they offer, such as the previous case of the currency, an equality of probabilities.

To make it easier to understand, this will be explained in an example: you bet $0.5 for throwing the coin, hoping to win $1, if you lose, the house gets $0.5  gain but if you win, the casino will pay you  $  $0.98 and will stay with $0.02 that become part of the house advantage.

The house advantage is always present although many are not aware of it and those who know this tactic of casinos sometimes do not understand well what it is about and the implications this has on when money is actually lost in each bet.

To better understand this point, locate yourself in the roulette game, an alternative quite common in all the casinos of the world. Usually, the house advantage share is 5%.

This issue is somewhat misleading because many gamblers misunderstand the bases of this procedure and believe that 5% is applied to the total amount of bet and not the initial bankroll. This means that if you bet in one night 100 dollars the house will not be left alone with 5 dollars but will keep 5% of the total amount of each of your bets, which, added to the end, would exceed those 5 dollars that the gambler thought the house would stay.

It is not what is said, it is how it is said.

The casinos show their percentages of advantages in each of the games, they do it in a way that turns out to be attractive for the gamblers who get carried away by the tricky offers of the casinos.

To better understand this, you could exemplify with a slot machine, the casino will never expressly tell you that the house stays with 5%, on the contrary invest this figure “in favor” of the bettor saying that you have up to 95% refund.

Then it seems to be much more attractive to know that you have a very high reimbursement percentage than to know that for every bet you will lose money, even if you win in your bets.

So the casino cheats?

This is a question that could be somewhat complicated to answer, everything depends on the point of view, however, the answer is no.

The casinos do not work based on deliberate lies but with disguised truths, this means that all their actions are said to the public but in such a way that few really understand them. It is therefore very successful marketing strategies that allow them to have gained with each action of the bettors.

It is easy to understand that casinos have strategies that mean a greater number of customers who come to them happy in relation to the probability of reimbursement and non-satisfied customers because of the percentage they lose after each bet even when they win.

Taking risks

An important part of what happens in a casino depends on chance, which is a subject that everyone is clear; however, there are games that represent more or less advantage for the casino, but how to identify them?

There are some methods to know if the risk is high or low in a casino game, you cannot know the buffer rate with a simple glance but you can get a better idea of your chances in terms of risks.

In Blackjack: you should keep in mind that each casino has different rules; however, there are some standard guidelines for everyone, although they may vary depending on the country or region where you are.

The number and variety of table options to which you have access depend on where you play, there may be one or multiple live tables, electronic versions, among others. Everything will depend on the casino.

Identifying a low-risk Blackjack table is more difficult than with other games. However, some considerations to keep in mind are that the tables that present common alternatives equal to a payment of 3: 2 are options to consider.

Slot machines: these are usually one of the most popular options in all casinos, however, those who know about this subject; know that the best machines are always located in the most remote place, or with difficult access and uncomfortable location.

Many casinos use strategies to make the place less attractive, such as darkening it so that few people use the lowest risk slot machines or flat out them in places of constant transit where people do not stop to play for a long time, as in the lobby or near ATM areas.

Once you can locate these options the recommendation is to play in the slot that has the lowest value and that is only for 1 credit, in most cases, at least in the United States that amount is 0.01 dollars for each credit although it is not a standard number, this may vary a bit.

Bet the maximum number of coins in order to get a higher return on investment. In this way, the initial slot of 0.01 dollars can become 0.30 dollars per spin and even reach that figure.

Video Poker: in these options, it is much easier to get the low-risk video poker tables through the pay tables.

Final Considerations

Casinos have an outstanding way of handling information and data. No matter what your favorite game is and how many strategies, techniques, and statistics you can handle, no matter how good you are, you should always keep in mind that no matter what happens, the house always wins.