When talking about a casino, it is natural for people to be inclined towards the male audience. They represent more than seventy percent of the presence in the game and are the opponents who frequently go to the halls. In poker, there are plenty of men, while in the slots – despite the fact that it also plays a considerable amount – it is the women who prefer to give the machines the upper hand.

The rise of the female audience has increased with the appearance of online casinos, especially since they began to create games with themes for women. In essence, it still maintains the same characteristics but designed with images, animations, and music for any girl who just wants to have fun, as Cindy Lauper would say.

According to social research from the University of Oregon, the way to have fun in the slots is different for women while men are little interested in having company during rounds, females like to socialize more. In that sense, many spaces within the game room are set so that they can line up in a circle and see how the reels move.

Likewise, nudes and action films were discarded from the model in the design. Slot machines in pink and red tones, with lips, makeup, shopping bags, and many pieces of jewelry dominate in the women’s sector. In addition, and as expected, the industry has not hesitated to behave well with it, adding a lot of free spins, bonuses, and jokers that make the experience more fun.

All the companies that are responsible for developing and distributing the slots are participating in this female wave. However, if you had to list those games that became popular with greater immediacy, the list would include the following ones.


The film Bridesmaids, starring Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, and Rose Byrne, aroused laughter in all movie theaters. This comedy that presents hilarious situations faced by bridesmaids became so popular that even the casino industry wanted to adapt it to one of its most popular games.

This is how this slot machine was born, with a design inspired by pink bubblegum colors, cakes and infinity of bonuses whose names are, no less, than the women in the film: Annie, Helen, Rita, Megan, Becca, and Lilian.

Bridesmaids was an idea from the British company Microgaming, and with its forty paylines and all the bonus sections have captivated both women and an important male sector – even though they are not able to accept it.

One of the most fascinating moves in the game is when the movie logo appears on the screen indicating that the bonus rounds are about to begin. These wildcards, in addition to being visually striking, unlock any type of additional functions, such as a fortune wheel, for example. The prizes that correspond to this include more rewards, such as multipliers or cash prizes.

Dolly Parton

The music of this national treasure of the United States put dancing and moving the palms to more than one and, although this renowned singer has already passed its golden age, the slot makers decided that there was no more flattering way to pay tribute to her name than creating a machine inspired by the style of the country queen.

Amaya Gaming is the company responsible for this game, whose online mode becomes increasingly attractive to those bettors who love music. Its 40 pay lines are nothing compared to the jackpot, of exorbitant sums. The best of all? When they play, Dolly Parton sounds!

Structurally, the machine – although virtual – is a bright pink color, with a backdrop and musical background notes that evoke the artist’s passion: singing. The icons, in addition to flashes, are composed of guitars, microphones, bonus cards, the exuberant and iconic lips of Dolly and, of course, his signature.

Wild fun is what this machine promises and really knows how to get it. When the random slot is activated some icons of butterflies land on the reels, the symbols are transformed into wild cards and offer incredible rewards, generally, cash prizes or additional shots.

Fortune girl

Microgaming was commissioned to develop this game of female themes in the decade of 2010. It comes equipped with nine pay lines that are distributed in five reels and a jackpot of 1200x. Everything is framed in a Chinese theme of golden frames, many gold coins and the rest of the characteristics that make its name: the fortune.

The icons are composed of designs of the abacus, golden bags, girls of good fortune and a box of gold coins that represents one of the most interesting icons in the game. It is likely that both women and men get a lot of profit with this slot, especially by the combination of their moves.

In that sense, the logistics of the game is not very complicated. In fact, it is not at all. All Chinese characters grant low, moderate rewards; while the image of the “girl of fortune” that baptizes the machine adds up the wild cards that allow forming winning plays. The more rounds you hit, the more free throws and multipliers players will receive.

Good girl, bad girl

In popular slang, good girls represent the goodness, purity, and delicacy of women, while bad girls are the opposite: the reflection of perversity and any other dark feeling. It is said, in addition, that in every woman there is a bit of both and, based on it, is that the company Betsoft designed this incredible slot with 15 pay lines.

Thematic symbols include hairpins and halos of lights that serve as wild cards and give fairly generous rewards. Also, the machine has an interesting selection of multipliers and bonuses that are activated with money roulette.

“Good Girl, Bad Girl” also unlocks a wheel of fortune when a certain number of hits have been caught. Once you have access to this, it will be possible to do with free spins, cash or, if you are lucky enough, one of the progressive jackpots offered by the machine.

She is a rich girl

With this attractive and allusive name, there is no way that the IGT slot machine could be left out of a list. From the ostentatious life of a rich girl in Beverly Hills to the richest urbanities in other parts of the world, this device is made with nine pay lines and an iconic cat wearing a diamond necklace.

In addition to the feline, other characters are included: a dog with a pedigree, a millionaire redhead and the attractive and equally rich groom. Cherries, plums, watermelons, peaches, lemons, and peaches are also present in this device and are, in a way, the only unglamorous thing.

One of the most attractive features of “She’s a rich girl” is her bonus round. Some prizes are somewhat austere, but as far as multipliers and free spins are concerned, the players can reach more than 100.